What is the best book on Swift?

I am a beginner as far as Swift is concerned, but an experienced programmer on the other hand, and I am looking for a book to learn Swift in-depth.

What would Swift experts recommend?

You should start with The Swift Programming Language. The guide is great for introducing the main features, and once you’re done, the reference is worth at least browsing IMO.

Apple also create and host lots of excellent resources, such as the standard library reference and accompanying playgrounds and WWDC presentations.



The Swift Programming Language book released by Apple should be accessible to you at all times. You should finish this entire book if you’re trying to learn the theory and practical uses of Swift Language, and you will return to it constantly throughout your Swift career. However, if you’re interested in making iOS/Mac OS/tvOS/watchOS apps I would highly recommend Hacking With Swift by Paul Hudson. You can feel free to buy his book (Disclaimer: I did), but he has also 35+ free projects that you can follow him along on, all the way from zero swift knowledge to theoretical mastery.

However, the best way to learn the Swift Language is to write the Swift Language. Think of some projects you’d like to make in Swift, and start working on them, using Google to your advantage.

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Thank you!

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