What does "OOL job" mean?

stdlib/public/Concurrency/Actor.cpp mentions "OOL jobs" for 4 times [1], [2], [3], [4]. What does the abbreviation "OOL" stand for here? (I assume it's not "object-oriented language")

cc the author @rokhinip

It stands for Out Of Line Job - swift/Actor.cpp at 6c829e02a80269e2e2941ae907b901cb4265972c · apple/swift · GitHub as contrasted with an InlineJob.


Would either of you mind if "OOL job" is added to Lexicon.md?

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Sure though really it's more than just for Jobs and is a more general terminology.

In Mach IPC, some data is sent inline and others out-of-line for instance.

I don’t think “OOL” is common jargon that deserves to go in the lexicon.

“Out-of-line” and “in-line”, sure. But they aren’t frequently abbreviated.