What does `@_exported import ` do?

I'm looking at the source for SPM and I see @_exported import for some of the imports in TSCLibc. What does this do exactly?

Just re-export whatever you import, or import proxy/forwarding.

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Thanks for the response. So just to be clear, this would mean that if I had module Foo:

// Foo.swift

func foo() { ... }

And module Bar:

// Bar.swift

@_exported import Foo

And dependencies set up like so:

    targets: [
        .library(name: "Foo"),
        .library(name: "Bar", dependencies: ["Foo"]),
        .library(name: "Baz", dependencies: ["Bar"]),

Then from inside Baz, I wold still be able to caall foo without importing Foo directly:

// Baz.swift

import Bar

foo() // imported from Foo via Bar

Is that correct?


Yes. But keep in mind that anything starting with an underscore isn’t finalized yet, so you should not rely on it being stable.

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bingo, you got it!