What determines when “find all references” is available?

sometimes “find all references” works, and sometimes it doesn’t (provides no results). usually when it doesn’t work, it’s because i recently cleared the .build directory. but it can take a long time before “find all references” starts working again, and it’s not clear to me what actually re-enables it.


This is in the readme for SourceKit-LSP

  • SourceKit-LSP does not update its global index in the background, but instead relies on indexing-while-building to provide data. This only affects global queries like find-references and jump-to-definition.
    • Workaround: build the project to update the index

I have found that sometimes even after building, the global index isn't completely up to date, but this may be due to me expecting it to be ready as soon as a build is complete. I haven't had time to get a fully reproducible issue to post to the sourcekit-lsp.


right i have noticed this as well