Webview located in widget is not displayed when in lock screen on IOS 13 and 14

In my App, I have created 1 Widget. Inside Widget there is not a Webview to display the content of a website. When on the home screen, swipe left to display a list of widgets, the webview successfully displays the website. But when lock screen using Passcode, swipe left to display widget, webview does not show website. I have tested on my Iphone and Ipad from iOS 13 and above having that problem. Hope you check again

Hi. This kind of question is best asked at the Apple Developer Forums.

Ok. So, as I understand them Widgets are an iOS 14 thing and, intuitively, will not work in iOS 13.

Could you clarify what the widget does?

Also, you might reclassify this question to the "Using Swift" category.

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Is that error caused by Apple?