VSCode v0.10.0

Version 0.10.0 of the Swift Visual Studio Code is now available. You can find the change log for the release here. This is most likely the last v0 release. I believe the extension is past its preview stage and can get a proper v1.0 release. Unless there are any issues with this release there will probably be a v1.0 that follows it very closely.

New features of note include

Test Coverage .lcov file generation

A test run profile has been added for generating test coverage .lcov files. These are saved in the folder .build/debug/codecov. This is available via the run all tests icon at the top of the TestExplorer.

The extension does not render the results of the Test Coverage run, but there are other extensions you can use to do that for you eg Coverage Gutters.

CMake support

The Swift extension will now activate for CMake projects with a compile_commands.json. Many of the features you get with SwiftPM are unavailable eg package dependencies view, test explorer but you do get the LSP features like jump to definition and symbol completion.

Run SwiftPM Command Plugins

A new command Run Command Plugin has been added for running SwiftPM command plugins. Running the command will bring up a menu listing all the available command plugins.

From this menu you can either run the plugin or by selecting the cog on the right hand side edit its configuration.