Vscode-swift v0.2.0

Version 0.2.0 of the Swift Visual Studio Code extension has just been released.

Many of the changes in this release are to support multi-folder workspaces. Below is the list of changes


  • Build tasks for all folders in the workspace
  • Resolve and update commands which update current folder
  • Reset package and clean build commands
  • Restart language client in correct folder when moving between folders in the workspace
  • sourcekit-lsp.serverPath configuration option for path to sourcekit-lsp executable
  • UI Status item when loading packages (visible bottom of screen)
  • Resolve and reset package buttons to dependency view
  • Cache contents of Package.resolved for use across different systems


  • Cleanup Language client code
  • Package dependency view updates based on current folder


  • Use correct workspace folder in launch.json program name