VSCode displaying disabled build tasks in Swift extension


I would like to add a feature to the VSCode extension where it displays the available build tasks in a disabled state while a resolve or update is running on the same package. Running a build task while a resolve or update task is running will most likely return an error and on rare occasions can break your .build folder.

I could just not display the build tasks in this situation but that could confuse as there is no indication to the user why they are not available. My current solution is to have the "disabled" build task entries run a dummy task which does nothing. Ideally though they should be greyed out and not run any tasks. This involves a change to VSCode. I have added a feature request to the VSCode repo. As with all feature requests they require 20 up votes before they go on to be considered.

If you would like this (relatively minor) usability improvement then please go to Display disabled tasks in Run Build Task... menu · Issue #184047 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub and up vote the issue.

Thank you