VSCode: can’t set CodeLLDB library path

since GitHub is sunsetting Atom, i am trying to migrate over to VSCode. however, i’m running into the old

Failed to setup CodeLLDB for debugging of Swift code. 
Debugging may produce unexpected results. 
Error: "LLDB failed to provide a library path"


now, i know where the liblldb.so binary is, it lives in:


and i tried inputting that path into the CodeLLDB library path setting, but i am still getting the same error. what am i doing wrong?

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This is caused by a problem with the Linux build of Swift LLDB since Swift 5.6. I'm hoping they will resolve for 5.7

In Swift 5.6 it is not possible to run python scripts inside LLDB. So the extension can't run the script to find the LLDB library. I was pretty sure it shouldn't show that error if the path was already setup in the CodeLLDB library.

Can you add an issue to the repo for this please and I'll look into it.

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issue opened here: can’t set CodeLLDB library path · Issue #365 · swift-server/vscode-swift · GitHub

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