VS Code Swift Extension 0.8.0

Version 0.8.0 of the VS Code Swift extension has been released.

The extension adds support for Swift Snippets. It adds two new commands Run Swift Snippet and Debug Swift Snippet. These are available whenever you are editing a snippet. You can also access these via a new "Swift" submenu in the editor context menu. Swift Snippet support requires you are running a version of Swift that supports snippets ie 5.7 or later

Also included in the extension are a couple of new commands to setup different toolchains on macOS.

  • Select Xcode Developer Dir will display a quick pick of all the Xcode installs you have on your system and setup up the DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable to point to the selected install.
  • Select Target Platform will allow you to setup editing for iOS, tvOS or watchOS projects. While you can compile for these projects it is undefined what the results will be.