VS Code Swift Extension 0.7.0

Version 0.7.0 of the VS Code Swift extension has been released.

The extension has added basic support for running SwiftPM plugin tools, by adding a new task type swift-plugin. You can access SwiftPM plugins from the Run Task... menu. Filter the results by typing swift-plugin to see your plugins. You can then create custom tasks from these if you need to add command line parameters. We intend to improve access to plugins in future releases.

Swift 5.7 is currently available via the Xcode beta. The new version of the Swift extension includes support for some of the new features in the 5.7 version of SourceKit-LSP. Multiple workspaces are supported by a single SourceKit-LSP executable. It also uses the official LSP implementation of InlayHints. If you are using VS Code in conjunction with an Xcode beta be sure to have the latest beta installed.

You can find the changelog here


this is incredible! it crashes less with every upgrade :sweat_smile:

i really had no idea what i was missing out on until i migrated from Atom to vscode-swift. the links and the linter capabilities are just phenomenal.