Video as a playground in a launching screen

Hello, sorry for disturbing, I’m developing my first app, a learning project in a little another field. Please provide the information how to arrange a video as a whole playground, for example, in a launch screen. Example, the launch screen of the app Tide. I have a video from Adobe Stock, should it be somehow specially transformed? Thank you a lot in advance for the information.

First, this doesn't belong on this forum thread. This thread is for talking about developing the compiler.

Second, you would probably have better luck asking over on the Apple developer forums, or some other forum for the platform you wish to target. These forums are for the Swift language and infrastructure, not programming lessons. You haven't even identified what platform you are developing for (I'm assuming iOS, or some other Apple platform).

Third, if you are taking about Swift playgrounds on MacOS, they are Xcode playgrounds, and you will need to use the Apple frameworks and Apple tools, which are what the Apple Developer forums are about. If you are targeting iPad playgrounds, again, Apple-only application, Apple developer forums would be the best bet,.

Thank for you response. I’m coding it in Xcode Apple app for a mobile phone. Actually everything is ok, I have only this question. The issue is I’m not going to become a programmer, maybe it would be possible to become a creator of apps, it’s very simple for me to create them. They are based on contemporary art approach. This first app will be for free to start as a creator of apps. I’ll have a one page site. As for coding I’m expert only in contemporary art. To be honest I don’t know what to look for in the internet or Apple resources. Sorry

How do you create your apps without programming? Even if it's a web application?

Sorry, I’m not programming them. Maybe I was not correct, by “creating” I mean creating the ideas about the apps, their design, all the logic/purpose. I need to program this one to promote myself, I can say my brand but still there’s only me. I need to promote my apps as they don’t have similar ones. Right now I have this one “Switcher” and a prototype of another one “Tholyzer”. They are both learning projects of my studies. And I have only ideas about several others. I think they are more interesting. The idea of “Switcher” was to develop it by myself. That’s why it’s so simple. As it’s for free, no registration or further connection with users and etc. Sorry, my apps are different, for example, “Switcher”, it’s better to use it less but it should be on every mobile device/phone. Actually I thought that someone else creates ideas and design for apps not programmers. Still I already took a couple of online courses for coding in Xcode but there was nothing about my question. For the other staff I’m ok, going to realize Switcher in Simulator for my Animation course at the university by mid August.

I do "all the above" for MacOS applications, primarily scientific computation. You need to look into a LaunchScreenView for iOS (if you are using storyboard, you'll have to dig through the Apple documentation if you are using SwiftUI). There are Apple frameworks for playing videos within UIKit views (and, probably, SwiftUI views). You'll have to connect the player to your movie data file, etc.. You'll need to do the programming to connect all the dots. Best place to look is Apple documentation, and ask on the Apple developer forums.

It depends, but, most independent developers have to do everything. The only place where the "designers" are separate from the "programmers".are large companies like game companies, large businesses, etc., that can afford to hire specialists. But, the specialists have to be able to work comfortably within each other's domain, in my experience.

Thank you so much. It’s really necessary to understand how this market works to try to find my place there.