Versions < iOS 11 not supported anymore Xcode 14.3?

Hello, today I updated the version of my xcode to 14.3 and some packages that I used to use are not building anymore (when building those with xcodebuild). After some research I found this thread error in Xcode File not found: /Ap… | Apple Developer Forums which says that effectively, this new version doesn't support previous versions of ios before the 11. I went to the release notes of xcode 14.3 (Xcode 14.3 Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation) but I don't really see an explicit warning saying that previous iOS versions are not supported anymore.

My question is: What would be the best way to know which versions for different platforms are supported? Is that first paragraph in the release notes the one that should tell me this?

This was an Xcode 14.0 change and is listed in the release notes for that version ("Building for deployment to OS releases older than macOS 10.13, iOS 11, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4 is no longer supported").

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oh okay thanks for the clarification :pray: sorry for the ignorant question