Version 11

Emcee version 11 has been released recently!

Since the version 1.0 quite a few changes were made. Top ones:

  • Use xcodebuild for running tests — no more funky-junky with fbxctest! It also means you can update Xcode with ease.
  • Metrics! Graphite + statsd. Track test duration, build farm performance, simulator boot times, and a lot of other things.
  • More-or-less alive documentation is available on wiki (advices on how-to implement up-to-date documentation processes for pure Swift project are welcome)
  • New interesting features like worker capabilities, worker sharing, Swift APIs for interacting with test queue
  • Much lower entry barrier due to simplified configuration file
  • Easier to use test discovery
  • Runs UI, Application, and Unit tests

Emcee runs your tests in parallel on your local Mac build farm.

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