VaporToOpenAPI - Generate OpenAPI Documentation from Vapor Routes

I'm glad to introduce VaporToOpenAPI - the Swift library that automates the OpenAPI documentation process for your Vapor APIs. By adding simple API descriptions to your routes, VaporToOpenAPI generates fully-compliant OpenAPI documentation compatible with Swagger UI. This process not only streamlines your documentation process but also guarantees the relevance and validity of your API documentation, ensuring that it accurately reflects the current state of your API.


Game changer. The other vapor OpenAPI offerings have been too inelegant for me to use. This one feels more in line with swagger docgen I’ve used with other languages. I hope the promises that Vapor 5 will have something like this out of the box come to fruition


Just discovered this and thanks so much for putting this together! That Apple's OpenAPI package does the exact opposite from what I understand, generates code from OpenAPI specs. Not quite what I need.

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