Vapor's next steps with Swift Concurrency

I'm cross-posting this from the Vapor Blog since it will affect pretty much everyone using Vapor. We'll soon be heavily pushing users to adopt async/await and make Vapor safer to use - there will be lots of deprecations coming!

Most people who are writing async/await code shouldn't see too many changes but there will be some work for everyone.


Sounds very reasonable. I am myself demanding an async context in one of my recent APIs. Seems somehow be the way to work on a higher level, and the natural way for a web app to use „the real“ async. Brings breaking changes to some vapor apps, but code will be nicer then.

Thank you for your good work!

+1 on this I think it makes sense. Are you considering requiring async/await in fluent and sql-kit as well? It might be a good idea to begin having an async/await only implementation sooner rather than later also would be easier to debug and contribute.

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This is great to read, Tim. Onward and upward!

Yep Fluent and anything relying on Vapor will need to be updated to fix the deprecation warnings. We don't want to break the public API until Swift 6 so new APIs can be async/await only but the future APIs are going to stay around for a while