Vapor vs Perfect?


(Rick M) #1

I came across Vapor the other day and wondered if it were an "official" project. I guess it's not, but it uses SwiftNIO, which is? In any case, a little more googling turned up, and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on which framework is "better" or "easier" to use for building a webapp with both JSON REST APIs and some kind of simple HTML templating engine.


(Rick M) #2

Oh, I've found these articles:

(Frank Swarbrick) #3

No love for Kitura?

(Rick M) #4

It's mentioned in that first Medium link I posted:

I decided to go with Vapor because that article touted it as "pure Swift," and thus having a nicer syntax. We'll see how my choice works out.

(Steven Van Impe) #5

@JetForMe Definitely try out all the frameworks before settling on one.

Since you're interested in HTML templating, you should also compare Leaf (Vapor's templating language) with Stencil (everyone else's templating language). They accomplish the same, but with a very different syntax.

(Alik Vovk) #6

After I saw this presentation I was reeky inspired to try Kitura myself.