Vapor Nation News

(Francisco Rivas) #1


We are glad to bring to you Vapor Nation News. It's a weekly publication that includes a curated list of new features of Vapor and SwiftNIO, community articles, talks, tutorials and more. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.

(Michael Ilseman) #2

Do you have support for email subscriptions?

(Francisco Rivas) #3

Hello @Michael_Ilseman, we are working on that :D

(Francisco Rivas) #4

Hi everyone!

Week 17 of Vapor Nation is published :D

New version of SwiftNIO was released this week. Vapor running everywhere, this week on a Raspberry Pi!.

Happy reading

(Francisco Rivas) #5


WWDC 18 is almost here and our Vapor communities in London, Berlin and Tokyo had organized meetups so we can enjoy together the exciting news. More news this week in our VaporNation News Week 18, very interesting articles and new releases. Enjoy!

(Francisco Rivas) #6


A lot of great stuff at WWDC. Some of our friends have had a chance to meet to talk Vapor at a couple of meetups. It is really nice to see the community grow. Enjoy this week's publication.

(Francisco Rivas) #7


Hello Vapor-heads of the world!. The final Fluent 3 RCs were released this week and it comes with very interesting changes and improvements. Big steps towards code sharing, first tests of using Fluent ORM with the internal SQLite DB on iOS :white_check_mark:

Happy reading! :D

(Francisco Rivas) #8


Hello friends, Vapor 3.0.5 has been tagged. Quite a few improvements and new features. Fluent just keeps getting better and better.

Enjoy! :D

(John McCall) #9

This thread just tripped the spam filter, and it auto-hid all of Francisco's posts. I think I've undone everything, but let us know if the problem comes back.

(David Monagle) #10

This was a really good way to keep up with development in Vapor. It’s a shame that it has stalled.


It's on hiatus for the foreseeable future unless someone else wants to take over unfortunately. I had to stop because at some point the changes being made were far enough out of my depth that I felt like I needed to do research to maintain the same level of quality for change descriptions. Between the time spent there and the time spent keeping up with the slack channel, it started eating into my day job and my productivity noticeably suffered. More recently @frivas took over, but we went on break while he was on holiday, and I haven't heard anything since.

If someone wants to fork the repo and write a few issues to see how they feel, I'd be happy to turn over ownership after they've decided they want to continue. I'd love to see the project live on, even if I can't be involved. Feel free to message me and I can see what I can do to help whoever get setup.