Vapor and Sendable Route Handlers


After adding .enableExperimentalFeature("StrictConcurrency") to my Vapor executable target, I am getting converting non-sendable function value to '@Sendable (Request) async throws -> Response' may introduce data races warning on all my request handlers inside my RouteCollection controllers.

Here is an example of such a controller:

struct AuthController: RouteCollection {
    func boot(routes: RoutesBuilder) throws {
        let auth = routes.grouped("auth")"login", use: login(req:))

    func login(req: Request) async throws -> Response {
        // some code goes here

Should I ignore converting non-sendable function value to '@Sendable (Request) async throws -> Response warning, or should I manually add @Sendable to all handlers? Is there a better way?

Thank you.


You can ignore this warning, it's an unfortunate transition point before Swift 6 where the compiler isn't clever enough to work out things are safe when they are. You can mark the function @Sendable but I would recommend against it - this is the equivalent of marking it unchecked sendable, instead of the equivalent of a closure where it enforces sensibility (I know, don't ask).

You can see how we workaround this issue in the updated template


I stand corrected! These issues were fixed in 5.10 so you can safely mark your route handlers with @Sendable

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