[Vapor 4] Release Candidate

Release candidate versions of (almost) all Vapor 4 packages have now been released. These tags use the -rc pre-release identifier. The difference between beta and rc releases is that breaking changes will no longer be accepted. Exceptions may be made for critical issues, but these should not affect the majority of users.

If you are starting a new Vapor project, I recommend you use version 4. You can learn more about getting started at https://docs.vapor.codes/4.0/.

To use Vapor 4, you will need:

  • Xcode 11.4 and Swift 5.2
  • macOS 10.15
  • Optional: vapor-beta toolbox (for creating new projects)

The docs go over how to install these requirements.

I'm planning to tag official releases of the Vapor 4 packages once Xcode 11.4 and Swift 5.2 are released. The primary focus now is on fixing bugs, improving documentation, and finalizing an update to https://vapor.codes.

If you decide to try Vapor 4, our team chat at https://discord.gg/vapor is a great place to get help and let us know how you like it.