Vapor 4 on Windows


I'm currently working on project with Vapor (inside WSL / Docker). Currently project manager asked if I could provide windows executable of project.

I've got installed Swift 5.5 on Windows 10, with all required dependencies.

But when I'm running swift run Run it hangs on Computing version for

Doing swift package update in WSL, and executing swift run Run in Windows results in error.

Is there a way to build my project on Windows?

OS: Windows 10 (21390)
Swift: 5.5
WSL2: 5.4.72-microsoft-standard-WSL2

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Vapor isn't currently supported on Windows - we're waiting for NIO and Crypto to support Windows before Vapor can be built on top

@0xTim if you mean swift-crypto, that already supports Windows. swift-nio however still has work to be done, though all my intermediary work in on GitHub in case someone else wants to push that work forward.

Awesome didn't realise Crypto was working!

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