Vapor 4 and Fluent: How to add a (Postgres)-JSONB column

Hi there,

I want to store a JSON string in a Postgresql-JSONB column. Googling that topic I was only able to find this:

but it is about Vapor 3.

My question is: would I still do it the way it is described in above link or do things have changed for Vapor 4?

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I believe you want something like this:

import Foundation
import Fluent

final class MyModel: Model {
    static let schema = "schema"
    @ID public var id: UUID?
    @Field(key: "json") public var json: Nested
    @Field(key: "jsonb") public var jsonb: Data
    struct Nested: Codable {
        let thing: Int

struct MyModelMigration: Migration {
    func prepare(on database: Database) -> EventLoopFuture<Void> {
            .field(.id, .uuid, .identifier(auto: false))
            .field(.string("json"), .json, .required)
            .field(.string("jsonb"), .custom("JSONB"), .required)
    func revert(on database: Database) -> EventLoopFuture<Void> {