Vapor 3.0 released: ground-up rewrite using SwiftNIO

Vapor 3.0 is finally here. Huge thanks to all the members of the Swift community that helped us get here. And a special thanks to the SwiftNIO team for creating a kick-ass IO library.

Details here:


That’s absolutely huge, congratulations :droplet::rocket: :clap:! This is a major milestone for Swift on Server and the language in general.

In the SwiftNIO team we are still hugely impressed with how fast you are able to move and were able to pick up NIO the day it landed. After a number of weeks that I could spend on your community channels I can say that I’m very very impressed with the positive, inclusive, helpful and friendly community you have built around Vapor. It’s fantastic to see so many people helping each other. On the technical side we profited massively from so many folks running our code through Vapor, reporting bugs and being super helpful in helping us diagnose and fix the issues quickly. But it is an absolute pleasure to work with people in such a friendly way. I don’t want to single out Vapor of course (but today is your day :birthday:), the same applies to the Kitura and wider Swift on Server communities.

Great job everybody, can’t wait to see what’s next!

– Johannes