UUID does not conform to 'QueryableProperty'

I am trying to query a postgres DB using the Fluent ORM and I'm attempting to filter a query based on it's parent class 'User' UUID value. The following code throws the error: Operator function '==' requires that 'UUID' conform to 'QueryableProperty'

func getItem(_ req: Request) throws -> EventLoopFuture<Scan> {
    guard let user = req.auth.get(User.self) else {
        throw Abort(.unauthorized)
    return Item.query(on: req.db)
        .filter(\.$user.id == user.id) // <- This is the line in question
        .filter(\.itemID == req.parameters.get("itemID") ?? "")
        .unwrap(or: Abort(.notFound))

Any idea how to perform a filter query based on a UUID?

Thank you in advance!

You're missing a reference to the projected value, it should be:

.filter(\.$user.$id == user.id)

Thats it! :man_facepalming: Thank you.