Using Swift Docker Images on Apple Silicon

Is there a working solution for using a prebuilt Swift docker image on Apple Silicon? I was surprised there wasn't an ARM64 variant. I tried using the amd64 variants (under Rosetta) and am only getting errors.

If I try to enter the REPL under AMD64 I get:

error: failed to launch REPL process: 'A' packet returned an error: 8

And if I try and build something like a Swift Package I get:

qemu: uncaught target signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - core dumped
Illegal instruction

Edit: I should clarify: AMD64 packages run under QEMU. Not Rosetta! I was just used to saying x86 things run under Rosetta.


It' not official, but very useful.

The nightlies contain multi-platform images - Docker Hub

I imagine they'll make their way over to the official images soon

Hey Tim. I'm assuming that is your recommendation, so please disregard my post on the RW book forums. :joy:

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