Using PencilKit without tool picker

I'm trying to use PencilKit with my own UI buttons to select and configure the various pen/eraser tools (like in the example here).

After some quick and encouraging results, I'm now hitting a few walls :(

For instance I could not find in the documentation how to manually set the eraser radius before assigning it : self.canvasView.tool = PKEraserTool( PKEraserTool.EraserType.bitmap );.

And also I've no idea how I can apply a semi-transparent overlay to a PKCanvasView (using a ZStack) while preserving its reactivity to touch/pencil stroke events.

There’s a chance someone might answer, but this forum is for Swift language use and your question is about an Apple Framework, not the language itself so it is off-topic for this forum. You may have better luck posting your question on StackOverflow or Apple’s developer forums.

Ok roger that ;)

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