Using Parsed JSON Data outside of Closure

Hello, I am building a mobile app with swift, and am having some syntax issues as I am not a developer. The structure and logic of the application is really rough and surely incorrect, however we just need something that functions. (It is a school project and my team got no devs).

Anyways, we have a MySQL database that will be used as a middleman between our badge server/admin app, and our mobile app. Currently when you go to , you will see the current database data, taken by a php script and hosted there as JSON. Currently in Swift I have a struct with a function that takes this JSON data, and maps it to variables. The idea is to then pass these pulled variables into a separate set of functions that will check the pulled long/lat against the mobile devices location, and then return whether they match or not. This value would be updated, re-encoded to JSON, and pushed to a web service that would go about changing the values in the database so the badge server could use them.

Where I am currently I can see that values are being pulled and mapped and I can set a variable in a separate function to the pulled value, but then I can only seem to output this value internally, rather than actually use it in the function. I get a type error saying that the pulled values are of type (). How can I properly use these values? Ultimately I think I would want to convert the () to a double, so I could properly compare it to the Long/Lat of the device, and then will need to re-encode the new values to JSON.

Just define a variable outside the closure and bind it to a value from within the closure.

var theUser: String? = nil

UserData().fetchUser { user, error in
    theUser = user