Using Instruments on Alamofire

I was doing a recent research on using Instruments for analysis with the Networking phase, but due to the use of Alamofire it doesn't capture any of those measurements that are taken from the URLSession.

In this WWDC video -Analyze HTTP traffic in Instruments - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer he reads the calls made in URLSession, but in the project I work none of these readings are done due to Alamofire, but behind that all there is the Alamofire it use the URLSession, so I would like to know if there is any blocking or impediment to reading from the Instruments of the time and measurement?

I found this article - You Should All Build This Custom Instrument for Your App help me a create a Custom Instruments for request on Alamofire.

Custom instruments are a bit of work. The URLSessionTasks created by Alamofire should be visible in the new networking instrument. You could try modifying Alamofire to connect the new name property (not sure of the precise name) to the tasks so that they show up in instruments, but I don’t think there’s anything else to do. Have you tried again on beta 4?

I'm using Alamofire 4.8 and I've noticed that the URLSession is using it, but it's still not captured. The above article I published helped me to identify the tracking to use Alamofire, I was finally able to use it by creating a Custom Instruments.

Yeah, it looks like the HTTP Instrument is broken in the simulator at the moment. It works on device just fine, including when making requests with Alamofire.

I am using Alamofire 5.4.4 with Xcode 13.3 and Instruments still not profiling Alamofire networking session (using a real device profiling session with instrument HTTP Traffic). I only added a sessionDescription, is there anything else I can do?

session.session.sessionDescription = "Alamofire"

Sorry I missed this until now.

There's nothing you should need to do, or which Alamofire can do, to enable the HTTP instrument. If it isn't working for you I suggest reaching out to Apple, either through the developer forums or a bug report.