Using Combine to implement local web service cache

Hello all.

I'm trying to implement a sort of cache-aside pattern for working with a slow web service and a local database cache.

I thought that this sounded like a sensible use for Combine Publishers since different values could be produced over a user-noticable period of time.

Would anyone be able to comment on whether the below looks like an acceptable way of implementing this system?
The only downside I can see immediately is that you can't cancel the created Task, though I'm not sure that it is actually a problem.

Thank you.

struct WebReport {...}
struct Report {...}

class WebService {
    func reports() async throws -> [WebReport] {...}
class Database {
    func reports() async throws -> [Report] {...}
    func updateWithWebReports(_ reports: [WebReport]) async throws {...}

struct RepoError: Error {}

struct Repo {
    private let web: WebService = WebService()
    private let db: Database = Database()
    func reports() -> AnyPublisher<[Report], RepoError> {
        let subject = CurrentValueSubject<[Report], Error>([])
        refreshingTask(subject: subject,
                       loadAction: { try await db.reports() },
                       refreshAction: refreshReports)
        return subject.eraseToAnyPublisher()
    private func refreshingTask<T>(
        subject: CurrentValueSubject<T, RepoError>,
        loadAction: @escaping () async throws -> T,
        refreshAction: @escaping () async throws -> Void
    ) {
        Task {
            do {
                // 1. Start loading from both database and web service
                async let cacheResult = loadAction()
                async let refreshResult: Void = refreshAction()
                // 2. Send database value
                subject.send(try await cacheResult)
                // 3. Wait for web service update
                try await refreshResult
                // 4. Re-run database query
                subject.send(try await loadAction())
                subject.send(completion: .finished)
            catch {
                subject.send(completion: .failure(RepoError()))
    private func refreshReports() async throws {
        let webReports = try await web.reports()
        try await db.updateWithWebReports(webReports)