Use TCA-Internal functions

If I want to use debugOutput, debugDiff or debugCaseOutput from the Internal folder I get the following compiler errors:

Cannot find 'debugOutput' in scope, Cannot find 'debugDiff' in scope.

Is this intentional? What can I do to resolve this beside copying?

Since these are utility functions and not directly related to TCA we've made them internal, but they definitely would be useful more generally. We've talked about extracting them to their own packages that swift-composable-architecture could depend on but haven't gotten around to it just yet.

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Thanks for the answer.

My company is trying TCA for a new app and wants to log state changes with its own logger at any time, even with different build settings. But the #if DEBUG condition makes this impossible. Therefore I wanted to adapt the .debug() function in this respect. But I could not use the function from Internal, so I asked the question.

We did export these on our app because there are very useful :joy:.

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