Use SwiftSyntax itself to generate SwiftSyntax's source code

Hello @ahoppen,

My name is Juhi Joshi and I am a bachelor' Student in BCA at the Parul University of Gujarat, India. I am interested in participating in the GSoC this year and the project on SwiftSyntax intrigued me.

I am currently still a newbie at Swift(learning it for the past few months) as well as Open-Source. I self-taught python resulting in making a small management system based on python lib-Tkinter(GitHub - juhijoshi-coder/Courier-System).

With GSoC, I want to not only increase my skills but understand more about being a contributor and everything to do with open-source.

I am having an issue with declaring SwiftPM dependency with nightly build. I would like to be assured that I am on the right path. If so I could get started working on it ASAP.


Hi Judi,

Could you share what you’ve done so far and what exact issues you are facing?

– Alex

Hello Alex,
I started familiarizing myself with SwiftSyntax and when tried working with it I started facing this issue. Could you help resolve it?


Hi Juhi,

It looks like your Swift package is misinformed. Like the error message says, if you have a target named MyTool in your Package.swift, you should also have a folder Sources/MyTool that contain the sources for that target.