Use storyboards in swiftUI (xcode)

I started a file using storyboards and got it to the point I was okay with it. once I added firebase I couldn't get past the error not finding the firebase module even after I installed the pods....once I made a copy of the workspace using swift and no storyboards I didn't get any errors in the app delegate file. Is there any way I can use my previous view controller in SwiftUI?

(i copied the main storyboard thinking it would load but it just goes to a white screen.)

Yes, it is possible to use UIViewControllers inside a SwiftUI view - check out UIViewControllerRepresentable for that.

But it seems you have only a single viewcontroller so far, and it doesn't have any logic in it yet. I would suggest to recreate it in SwiftUI, because it would be less hassle than trying to manage interoperation between two very different frameworks, especially if you're not an expert in any of them.

i imported my assets into the new file i am just new to swift and trying to learn the code, i have a couple view controllers for login and i was trying to connect them to a main screen after login for users