Use macros without importing module each time?

Is there anyway to use a macro without the import module requirement in every file. Let's say I have a bunch of helper macros that I want to use across my project. The module wouldn't have functionality outside of providing the macros. Is usage like that intended?

I noticed I can seemingly achieve this by placing a @_exported import MacrosLib in one file in the project, but obviously that is using underscored behaviour, and I'm not sure of its implications on compile time perf. etcetera.

@_exported imports are commonly used in large projects, such as server-side Swift packages like Vapor or Pointfree's TCA package. Maybe I am not hesitant to use such imports because I already rely on packages like TCA. However, I believe the Swift team recognizes the popularity of this type of import in the community :sweat_smile:

But usually it is used to passthrough extending dependencies like UIKit exports Foundation (since UIKit is kinda UIFoundation in a sense), rather than avoiding imports of some direct dependency in the current module. I think it's okay to use it as a solution (and it's also the only one I can think of), but I don't feel like "autoimports" is a good practice in general :new_moon_with_face: