Updating SSWG Incubation Requirements

Hey all,

We're updating the requirements for packages in the SSWG incubation process at the Incubating and Graduated level. Up to now we've placed requirements on the number of maintainers of packages but we haven't placed any requirements on ownership of the packages. To avoid any issues of packages going dark if the owner steps back for whatever reason, we're adding a new requirement for packages at the Incubating and Graduated level that states packages must have at least two admins.

On GitHub and GitLab this means the package must belong to an organisation as you can't add multiple admins for personal projects. So any packages in the SSWG incubation process that want to achieve incubating or graduated status must belong to an organisation with at least two administrators. We are not placing any restrictions on the organisation however. They can be your company organisation or an organisation specifically for the project. However, we're aware that creating an organisation just for your package can be cumbersome so we've created the Swift Server Community on GitHub. You are welcome to add your packages to that.

The purpose of the new organisation is to have a place for community packages to live if the authors want them there. This should provide a bit of visibility, encourage new maintainers and help them reduce the admin overhead of setting up a new org.

To be clear, the new GitHub organisation is a community given one and the SSWG can't commit to maintaining the packages that live in there.

If you'd like to join the org and transfer your package, feel free to contact the SSWG on Slack or the forums. As a reminder - this requirement is not required for packages in the Sandbox level those can continue to live as personal projects until you feel they're ready to advance.

I think we've reached out to all packages that this affects but if we've missed you please reach out if you need any help. We'll check the requirements at the next package maturity review.

Any questions, feel free to reach out!


Update - we also now have a group on GitLab for projects hosted there as well


RediStack will be moving to the GitLab community group as part of its 2.0 release

In addition I will be moving many parts of the CI into its own repo so that Swift projects on GitLab can all reference the pipeline config in a way we can all benefit with robust cross-platform automated testing


APNSwift has moved over


MQTTNIO has been moved across to the Swift Server Community organisation as well.

You should replace your Package.swift dependency with

.package(url: "https://github.com/swift-server-community/mqtt-nio.git", from: "2.5.3"),

Update on Swift Server Community on GitLab - the group has been given Open Source licensing by GitLab and the project now has access to their Ultimate tier.


SwiftPrometheus has been moved to the new GH org.

The new dependency in Package.swift should now be

.package(url: "https://github.com/swift-server-community/SwiftPrometheus.git", from: "1.0.0-alpha")