Updating llvm-project swift/master branch

We will be performing an update to the swift/master branch for apple/llvm-project repository.

We will be verifying the update on Swift CI with macOS and Ubuntu platforms.

For those supporting other platforms if you would like to test against the swift/master merge before it lands please check out the following branches:


  • master-rebranch


  • LLDB: swift/master-rebranch
  • All other LLVM projects: apple/stable/20200108

Update Checkout Scheme:
./utils/update-checkout --scheme master-rebranch

We currently have automerger for Swift master to master-rebranch to keep master-rebranch up to date.

Swift master-rebranch was created from master-next on Jan 08 2020.
LLVM Project swift/master-rebranch and apple/stable/20200108 were created from swift/master-next and apple/master on Jan 08 2020.

I will update this topic before we perform the operation.


We are planning on merging the master-rebranch on Feb 6th 2020 at 11AM PST. We are having a master-rebranch status meeting on Tuesday Feb 4th 11am PST to make sure this merge will not block development for Swift platforms.

We will be locking master branch on Feb 5th 9PM PST to Feb 6th 9PM PST, this will help us with smoother transition of master-rebranch.

if you are interested in attending this meeting please email me at mishal_shah@apple.com.

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Change of plan for merging the master-rebranch to Feb 10th 2020.

Also, locked branch date updated Swift master branch will be locked Feb 9th 9PM - Feb 10th 9PM PST

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The apple/stable/20200108 branch on GitHub.com/apple/llvm-project is now locked down until the afternoon of the 10th of February to accommodate for the master-rebranch transition.

Merge completed and branches are unlocked.

Please make sure to re-request testing before merging the pull request.

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