Updating Branch Names

In July, @tkremenek announced a plan to move the default branch to main. We are beginning the transition on September 22nd 2020 and will be changing the branch name from master to main branch for the Swift, LLVM Project, and Swift related repositories. Once this process has been completed, you will need to update the targeted branch for the pull request to match the new branch name. Push access to the old branch will be disabled on September 22nd 2020 and deleted on October 5th 2020. We will be running an automerger from the main to the master branch until October 5th 2020 to reduce the impact on downstream projects.

Swift Repository: (https://github.com/apple/swift)

Current Branch New branch
master-next next
master main
master-rebranch rebranch/main

LLVM Repository: (https://github.com/apple/llvm-project)

Current Branch New branch
llvm.org/master llvm.org/main *
apple/master apple/main
swift/master-next swift/next
swift/master swift/main

Note: To keep the name consistent with the upstream llvm-project, we will not be updating the llvm.org/master branch name until it’s updated on llvm.org repository.

Swift Related Repositories:


Branches created and automergers configured.

On Sept 25th 2020, I will posting this on all of the pull request open for master branch.

Please update the base branch to main by Oct 5th otherwise the pull request will be closed automatically.

  • How to change the base branch: (Link)
  • More detail about the branch update: (Link)

Thanks I updated the post.

Swift project repositories are updated with new branch names!

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