[Update] SE-0211: Add Unicode Properties to Unicode.Scalar

Hi all --

The accepted proposal for SE-0211 includes the following:

We also propose the following Boolean computed property that is generally useful, though it does not correspond to a named Unicode property:

extension Unicode.Scalar.Properties {
  // Implemented in terms of ICU's `u_isdefined`.
  public var isDefined: Bool { get }

During the course of discussion of the proposal, this property was removed from the implementation, but the proposal text was never updated to remove this section, so the proposal was accepted with this text intact. In four years since the acceptance, no one has asked after it, other than a bug report to update the proposal text to remove it.

Given the long time span that has elapsed since acceptance, we are going to consider this specific API to be rejected. If there is a use case for it in the future, a new evolution proposal would be required to add it.

As always, a very belated thanks to everyone for participating in this review.


For interested readers, the "Alternatives Considered" section of SE-0211 has been updated with a rationale for why the isDefined property was originally removed from the implementation.