Update: Moving to Discourse

Hi All-

I just wanted to update you all on our migration to Discourse. We are well on our way, with a prototype server and initial import of mailing list data completed!

As part of the move to Discourse, we have the opportunity to do some re-organization to help foster communication and collaboration. A number of people stepped up to be part of a workgroup to help work through decisions about the structure and setup of the new forums. In a week or two, we’ll be ready to come back and present our proposed forum setup. At that time we will also have a beta of the forum with (stale) imported mailing list data for people to take a look at.

My hope is that we can tie up loose ends, schedule the final migration and cut-over to the forums about a week later, sometime during the week of Dec. 18. As we get closer, I’ll communicate more concrete dates.