Unicode support in Swift REPL

I can’t seem to type non-ascii in Swift REPL. Is there any way to circumvent that?

I’m using Swift 5.0.1 on Ubuntu 18.04

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There was a similar bug in LLDB (which provides the REPL) around that time. CC @dcci

Yes. I fixed some issue in that area in the 5.0 timeframe. Can you try with 5.1 ?

I tried master, but it still doesn't work. The program just quit. Previously (on 5.0.1) it does random things.

If that helps, I've tried Thai, Russian, Japanese, emojis, while using locale C.UTF-8 (which seems to work with those languages just fine).

Should I file a bug? Which website is it?

Can you please file a bug on bugs.swift.org?

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