Unable to shadow class name from external module when it matches the external module's name

I'm transitioning an iOS app I'm working on to use protocols instead of hard coding classes, and I'm trying to not name the protocols XxxProtocol. For most of my changes this hasn't been a problem, however I ran into an issue when the name of the module I import is the same as the class it exports and what I want to shadow.

For example if there is a module named Useful and I want to create a protocol named Useful in MyModule and conform the class Useful.Useful to it I get an error.

import Useful

protocol Useful {
//  ...requirements here...

extension Useful.Useful: MyModule.Useful { // Error: 'SomeClass' is not a member type of protocol 'MyModule.Useful'

I know there is a difference between the module Useful and the class MyModule.Useful, however I don't know how to tell the compiler to use the module and not the class when I'm inside MyModule.

I have a feeling that this is a case where I need to just go with UsefulProtocol, however I was wondering if there was a way to work around this and/or if this is expected.