Unable to remove types metadata and methods names from compiled binary

Hi. I'm trying to compile simple swift source file with stripping types metadata and names from it. I use these frontend flags:

swiftc -O -Xfrontend -disable-reflection-names -Xfrontend -disable-reflection-metadata -Xfrontend -reflection-metadata-for-debugger-only -Xfrontend -disable-generic-metadata-prespecialization -gnone test.swift

After compiling this test source file I still facing metadata and names in binary after dissembling it with Hopper. What I'm doing wrong? Please help.

For example, my code looks like this:

protocol Logger {

  func log()


struct CoreLogger: Logger {

  func log() {
    print("CoreLogger log")


struct LogManager {

  private let logger: Logger

  init(logger: Logger) {
    self.logger = logger

  func run() {


let logger = CoreLogger()
let logManager = LogManager(logger: logger)