UiTextfield in custim tableview cell. Show pickerview when cell/textfield is tapped

Hey guys....ive been stumped...for 3 days....I have a uitextfield in a custom tableview cell. when the user presses either the cell (or the uitextfield), a pickerview should show instead of the keypad....i'm using the textfields "inputview" and "accesoryview" properties to accomplish this. okay. So when i select the cell the pickerview shows up with its picker values....however when i select the textfield itself (which is within the cell), the picker view shows up but the picker values don't show up...i only see one empty cell in the picker view.

what approach should I use so that whether the user presses either the textfield or cell, the same exact thing happens (that is, the pickerview shows up with picker values).

Hi @VeganProgrammer. These forums are for the Swift programming language itself, not Apple SDKs. Those kinds of questions are best asked on stackoverflow or the Apple forums.