UITableView In A Container - Keyboard!

Hi - first post here!

I've run into an issue that I'm sure others have handled before(?)

I use IQKeyboardManager which works great - but it doesn't work with UITableViewControllers. No problem as UITableViewControllers seem to handle the keyboard side of things...

However, I have two instances in my app whereby I have a UITableView on an embedded container which is on a UIViewController. Now it seems the TableView isn't dealing with the keyboard which means I have to.

Wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing some tips on how to approach handling this situation.

Many Thanks

Probably best asked in another forum devoted to the Apple frameworks, like Apple Developer forums, or Swiftoverflow, or elsewhere. This question is about the frameworks, not swift

Ok - I'll give the Apple Dev forums a whirl - thanks for getting back to me


I know this is off topic - but I have a fix - and for the sake of completeness putting it here as you never know who may find this out there in WWW land and have the same issue...

My TableViewController was Overriding the ViewWillAppear event, I wasn't calling the super.ViewWillAppear from within the function! This fixed things for me - silly thing but took me AGES to find it.

SwiftLint has a rule for that. There are many methods that should always call super.

Also, Apple's UITableViewController documentation tells you all the things it does for you.