Ubuntu 20.04 released

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Ubuntu 20.04 was released these days:


I guess it will become an officially supported platform. This is just a little heads up to the people in charge of that process.




Swift for Linux should be built on 20.04 by default from now on.


Good to hear. But will there be a CI for it nevertheless?

It needs to be tested before it can be officially supported. For example, I’ve noticed that swift-format crashes since the update on my raspberry pi 4 (something coming from Foundation, but I haven’t had time to investigate or file a bug report).

Can we move this thread out of the Evolution category? I think it's more suitable for Development.

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what CI? @IOOI

The CIs here: https://github.com/apple/swift#swift-programming-language , especially those "official" ones on top (not the community CIs).

oh with CI you meant continuous integration....cool

What is needed to make this a priority? Upstream support of Ubuntu 20.04 is a blocker for the Swift for Tensorflow project, which is working on bringing differentiable programming to Swift (part of the Swift 6 roadmap).

Did some tests with this last month. The largest pain point with moving to Ubuntu 20.04 is that python3 is now the default and a migration strategy is needed for python libraries in general. Tensorflow 2.2 upstream (what s4tf is syncing with) will be fully python3 only, so moving off python2 completely should be doable. Some build tools will need to be updated to the new system but that can be accomplished if Ubuntu 20.04 support is available.



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