Type erasure with failable initializer?

Hi all, I'm struggling with trying to complete this puzzle, and all the examples of type erasure I found did not include a use-case with a failable initializer. Here is the example:

/// Contrived example of protocol
protocol Choosable {
	/// Another way of saying enum that is an Int or String and can be iterated
	associatedtype Choice: RawRepresentable, CaseIterable
	/// prints the choices of the implementing type (I know Choice is not used anywhere here)
	func printChoices()

/// A required base class in this example with desired use-case
class CommonClass {
	func someMethod() {
            // This is how I'd like to use the not-yet-built AnyChoosable()
		guard let choosable = AnyChoosable(self) else { return }

/// Creates a default implementation of Choosable.printChoices() for CommonClass
extension Choosable where Self: CommonClass, Choice: CaseIterable, Choice.RawValue == String {
	func printChoices() {
		Choice.allCases.forEach { choice in
			print("\(Self.self).choice = \(choice)")

class ASubclass: CommonClass {
	/// Defining a specific Choice
	enum Choice: String, CaseIterable {
		case this
		case that

Main question: What is an implementation of AnyChoosable (with failable initializer) that implements a Choosable?

Alternative question: Perhaps Choice can better be rewritten to more clearly specify the desired kind of enum, and maybe printChoices() is instead a method called on the Choice?

Thanks so much!