Turn off SSL verify in SPM

We're using SwiftPM in Xcode and running into constant SSL issues thanks to our corporate proxy. The error in SPM is "The server SSL certificate failed to verify." Resetting the SPM cache temporarily fixes the issue, but it comes back as soon as we try to update an existing package.

To get around the issue, we've tried "git config --global http.sslVerify false". I assume that had no effect because xcode/spm has its own set of tools for fetching repos. My question is, is there any way to configure spm to not verify the ssl cert for the server? If not, I'll take any other helpful tips folks have. We're pulling our hair out (or, in my case, what's left of it).

I've hit a slightly related bug in that SwiftPM doesn't respect your git config. This should probably be raised as a bug

If it helps anyone, using xcodebuild gave us a workaround. You can tell it to use the system git. Xcode not follows system proxy settings to resolve SwiftPM dependencies

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