TSPL Documentation link

The top TSPL link ( Read The Swift Programming Language) on the Swift.org - Documentation page appears to be broken.

The links underneath seem to work OK.

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It looks like The Swift Programming Language: Redirect redirects to https://docs.swift.org/swift-book/documentation/the-swift-programming-language/undefined.

Removing the last path component leads to a the DocC version of the Swift Programming Language.

It should be working now. Sorry about the broken link. The DocC version of TSPL just went live, the top-level URL got missed when creating redirects.

I'm just about to open a PR to update the links from Swift.org to docs.swift.org, now that the new version is live.


So will there still be the epub version :thinking:

An offline version of TSPL, like ePUB or PDF, is tracked by issue #2. That requires DocC to add support for a new output format.