Translations of Apple Developer Docs

Hello, everyone. I'm new here, so I'm unsure if this is the right place for this inquiry.

I'm Mauricio Paternina, a beginner iOS Developer, interested in bringing Swift Development closer to Spanish speakers. I created the site for the Spanish translation of The Swift Programming Language book (which can check here) and I'm interested in translating the Apple Developer Documentation if that's possible. I noticed that the site already has Korean and Chinese translations. Are those provided by Apple directly or by some Korean/Chinese community members? Is it even possible to consider an initiative to translate into Spanish?

I appreciate any information you might be able to provide for me to guide through this initiative.


Hello and welcome — and thanks for your work on the Spanish version of TSPL!

Apple's SDK documentation, hosted on, isn't part of the Swift open source project. You can also compare the copyright notices at the bottom of the page: TSPL includes a Creative Commons license; the SwiftUI documentation doesn't.

You can provide feedback on Apple developer documentation using Feedback Assistant, including a request for that content to be translated to Spanish.