Transactions with Postgres-Kit

I've searched and experimented, and can't find any way to use Postgres transitions with this library:

Are transactions for Postgres-Kit possible, does anyone know?

I see the higher-level Fluent library provides transactions, so I expected this lower-level library to provide a mechanism.

I can't see mention of transactions in the doco, in the API, in the source code's unit-tests. If I attempt to provide transactions in raw SQL queries, I receive this error:

"server: cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement (exec_parse_message)"

I think I've found my own answer, looking into the Fluent Postgres Driver code, we can isolate a single connection then call BEGIN / COMMIT or ROLLBACK separately

req.postgres.withConnection { conn in


... insert or update

conn.simpleQuery("COMMIT") or conn.simpleQuery("ROLLBACK")

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