Tracking lib/SymbolGraphGen bugs

just using this thread as a place to centrally organize lib/SymbolGraphGen problems, as the descriptions for these bugs are currently all scattered across the forums, slack threads, and apple/swift GitHub issue reports.

  1. PATs always dropped from function declarations (GitHub issue)

  2. protocol extensions are missing associatedtype constraints (forums thread)

  3. types contain multiple generated conformances to Equatable (forums thread)

  4. symbolgraphs are missing names of @_spi attributes (originally reported on Slack, GitHub issue)

  5. AnyObject constraints are always dropped (GitHub issue, might be the same bug as #2)

  6. subclasses are missing synthesized symbols for typealiases inherited from base classes (GitHub issue)

  7. @Sendable is missing from function declarations (Slack thread)

  8. symbol graphs contain invalid default implementation relationships (GitHub issue)

if you’ve also got SymbolGraphGen bugs that have been lost in the churn, feel free to add them here!